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  • Me: hey the weather is so nice outside today huh
    Her: yeah it is
    Me: makes u think...
    Her: bout what?
    Me: why did you kill Martin Luther King Jr
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  • See, Gia thinks I’m a totally cool cupcake :P

    See, Gia thinks I’m a totally cool cupcake :P

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  • on the tumblr: white boys must be stopped. at all costs. no excuses. end them.
    on the streets: damn...wassup....
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  • Anonymous said:

    I've always felt so inferior to white girls my whole life as a brown girl. Even the basic ones that aren't all that... I just feel like beauty standards are set up by them and I will never be good enough to match them. No matter what I do.


    When you’re a beautiful blooming lotus flower you shouldn’t feel jealous of a jar of mayo

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  • It would be nice if my parents took me seriously when I point out their ignorance, and not be worried that they’ll lose their parental virtue or whatever TF they’re afraid of. But what would I know, I have no “life experience”.

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  • abbysapparel:

    *looks at boys my age* wow way too young for me

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  • Stuck on a cruise ship with malayali adults, SOS send help

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  • binteali:

    You’ll never regret being kinder with your mother.

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  • healthy-carrot:

    Just a reminder that whilst a perfectly clean diet is good for your health, so are these:

    • sunshine;
    • reading;
    • kissing;
    • alone time;
    • fresh sheets;
    • loving;
    • sleeping;
    • combing your hair;
    • cuddles;
    • 90s movies;
    • letting loose;
    • moisturising your skin;
    • forgiving;
    • being anonymous;
    • impulse shopping;
    • laughing;
    • being outdoors;
    • indulging;
    • having sex;
    • lying in bed all day;
    • drinking tea;
    • crying;
    • listening to your favourite album;
    • going out for coffee;
    • getting lost in a book store;
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  • durhxm:

    this song will transform you.
    this kid deserves everything.
    i love you troye

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  • me: *bumps into a British person*
    British person: sorry
    Me: You're 67 years late
    British person: what
    me: *walks away putting on my shades as jana gana mana plays in the background*
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  • 9032
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  • gabifresh:

    take no shit 2014

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  • To women with daughters
    hoping to raise subservient
    domestic slaves:

    Hand your daughter
    a hammer
    before you give her
    a kitchen knife.

    Or better yet,
    let her choose
    her own weapon.

    Teach her how to
    manage a bank account
    before you enlist her
    to domestic service.


    Equip her
    with a strong voice,
    so that she may
    speak over
    those who may feel
    they know
    her place better
    than she does.

    So no one
    can make her
    decisions for her.

    Allow her to choose:
    her own colours,
    her own way,
    her own likings.

    She may not like
    dresses after all,
    what’s the harm?

    Encourage her
    to be independent,
    to pursue her dreams.

    You were not born
    believing that your
    body is a factory,
    so why would
    you impose the idea
    on one of your own?

    If you tell your daughter
    that she is
    in any way
    less than a man,
    the problem is that
    she will eventually
    believe you.

    I don’t usually discuss the story behind a piece of writing, but this one stands out.

    My parents had a few families over for dinner recently and I wanted to help in the kitchen to the best of my ability. So I was putting clean dishes away, clearing out the ones from inside the sink, etc.

    As I did this, one of the ladies said to me from behind me: “It’s wonderful that you’re helping your mother out, but don’t you dare do this when you’re married, or else your wife will never do any work! ”

    It could have been a joke, but it wasn’t. Because she proceeded to cite examples of wives who did not do “what they were supposed to do.” Essentially, she was telling me that it’s perfectly fine to help my mother in the kitchen, but unacceptable to do the same for my wife when I’m married.

    The problem with this is that she has two young daughters of her own, and she is raising them with this backwards mentality that men should be excluded from domestic work simply on the basis of biology, which is completely unacceptable.

    Boys aren’t princes and girls aren’t slaves. There is nothing more special about a man which puts him above a woman. There is something incredibly wrong with this mentality, the fact that it persists and is being instilled into children from a young age.

    — Nav K

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